November 26, 2018

Professor Emeritus Stephen Holland was invited to do a presentation  on the 'Benefits of Ecotourism' at the Citrus County (Florida) forum on Economic Development hosted by the Economic Development Authority for Citrus County, November 15, 2018. His talk generated a discussion about the need to create a training program for local hospitality front-line workers (e.g., waitresses, hotel front-desk clerks) to educate them about local nature-based attractions to be able to encourage tourists to enjoy the local parks and waterways. Also noted was the importance of natural areas and parks in sustaining perceptions of a high quality of life in the region as a factor in attracting new companies and workers, as well as tourists.


Front-line hospitality workers that are well-versed in an area’s attractions and culture are incredibly important for the overall identification and branding of a location. In this case, Dr. Holland touched on the importance of preserving and showcasing our Florida Ecosystems. Showcasing the natural beauty while attracting business and economic enhancements to the area is a strategy currently being implemented throughout Citrus County.

Our EFTI Faculty, Staff, and Students are all over the globe working to preserve, protect, and showcase the beautiful ecosystems.