Drs. Kim and Thapa travel to Maryland for NERR Symposium

April 26, 2018

JW Brij NERR Conference.jpg

From April 8th to April 10th, 2018, Dr. Jin-Won Kim, Dr. Brijesh Thapa, and graduate student Eunjung Yang traveled to Annapolis, Maryland to participate in the 2018 National Environment and Recreation Research Symposium (NERR).

In the first session, “Resource Management,” they presented a study titled “Exploring the Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Visitor Flows in a National Park With a GPS-Based Mobile Application.” Dr. Brijesh Thapa acted as a facilitator in this session between the study they conducted and a series of other research presentations. In this study, they explore the spatio-temporal patterns of visitor flows at Seoraksan National Park in South Korea. GIS mapping in combination with spatial data analysis were employed to explore the spatial and temporal patterns of visitor flows within the park.

The next study presented was the “Measuring the Impact of Green Space Access on Public Health: A Case Study of Florida.” This study measured the level of green space access for each county; analyzed the relationship between level of green space access and level of public health; and explored spatially varying relationships between level of green space access and level of public health across the state of Florida.

The final study presented at the conference was titled “ Measuring the Recreation Equity of Beach Access for People with Ambulatory Difficulty in Duval County, Florida.” The purpose of this study was to measure the beach access and equity for people with ambulatory difficulty in Duval County, Florida.