Dr. Fesenmaier discusses global tourism industry in CGTN America interview

February 21, 2018

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Interviewed by news anchor Rachel Akuffo, Dr. Dan Fesenmaier spoke about the recent trend in the global travel tourism industry in a brief “Global Business” segment on CGTN America. As part of this segment, Dr. Fesenmaier covered topics such as the drives in international tourism, the revitalization of terror-stricken countries’ tourism industry, the challenges that come with tourism influx, and how technology has changed the tourism industry.

During the segment, Dr. Fesenmaier spoke about the global tourism industry and the fluctuations it has had over the years. He touched on the drive in international travel is attributed to the increasing economic development of developing countries. He also spoke about how European cities with the top tourist destinations, such as Spain or France, are battling to show tourist the authenticities of their counties, as opposed to becoming solely a tourist hotspot.

Another topic Dr. Fesenmaier elaborated upon was the challenges that countries face due to tourist influx. Increases in crime, tension between locals and tourists, and inflation are all challenges that come with an increase in tourism.

“Now because of Facebook and really all of mobile technology, people bring this technology with them wherever they are going,” Dr. Fesenmaier stated during his interview. “Tourism now is not just about getting away from your responsibilities because you can take a lot of different parts of home with you and be connected every day.