EFTI presents collaboration with Madden Media at industry summit

December 15, 2017

VTB Schmitt.jpg

Before the University of Florida winter break commenced, Dr. Craig Schmitt and three graduate students represented the University of Florida and the Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute for a presentation at the 3rd Annual Visit Tampa Bay’s Marketing/Industry Summit.

His presentation was about the research collaboration between Madden Media and Dr. Daniel Fesenmaier in the Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute and how the research is beneficial in an industry setting. Patrick Harrison, VP of Marketing at Visit Tampa Bay, is a member of the EFTI Advisory Board and invited EFTI down to come speak about the success of their research and how more people need to be invested into analytics.

“Being able to listen and interact with the speakers was a great opportunity,” PhD student Larissa Neuburger said. “The speakers presented on a variety of topics ranging from the effects of storytelling to the research behind Expedia. It was a great event and I am looking forward to applying the knowledge I learned there to my research.

After the industry summit, there was an arranged lunch of UF alumni and tourism executives. Some of the professionals who joined the lunch were:

  • Patrick Harrison, Visit Tampa Bay
  • Elisa Debernardo, FKQ Advertising
  • Gina Kline, FKQ Advertising
  • Danah Heye, Madden Media
  • Kristy Chase Tozer, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo