TRSM Advisory committee meet to finalize details of the new online Master’s program

December 13, 2017


With the push for online education increasing, HHP’s Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sports Management is taking another step into the virtual world with their proposal of an online Master’s of Science in Hospitality Business Management.

“An online program not only provides working professionals the opportunity to further their education,” advisory committee member Dr. Craig Schmitt state. “But it also allows students from all over the world to learn from experts at the University of Florida…and be a part of the Gator Nation.”

This program is planned to launch in the fall semester of 2018 and offers courses covering research design in tourism and hospitality business management. This program is a 30 credit hour degree and is led by decorated faculty and industry leaders. Lori Pennington-Gray, Ph.D., Gregory Dunn, Ph.D, and Craig Schmitt, Ph.D. are the co-leaders of this program proposal and have brought on some notable industry members to relay their opinions about the curriculum of this program.

Some of the notable industry members serving on the committee include:

  • Joni Newkirk, CEO, Integrated Insights
  • Joe Norsworthy, The Norsworthy Company
  • Katie Ozedemir, Senior Director, Consumer Insights, Universal Orlando
  • Quinn Doyle, Director, Consumer Insights, Darden
  • Wende Blumberg, General Manager, Virginia Crossings Hotel

“It’s critical in the ever-evolving hospitality industry that we partner and engage in conversation with industry,” Schmitt said. “This way we ensure our students are acquiring the skills and experiences necessary to be positioned to contribute to an organization at a high level immediately upon graduation.”

Throughout the meeting, the advisory committee shared their thoughts on the current state of the program, the core competencies that the program must contain, the key success factors, the resources and requirements needed for the program, and to discuss the next steps in the creation of this new online program.