EFTI to co-host Future of Tourism conference in Petra, Jordan

June 19, 2018



The Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute will be co-hosting a conference titled “Future of Tourism in the Golden Triangle, Jordan: Destination Competitiveness, Connectivity, and Sustainability” from August 8-9, 2018 with the University of Jordan and the Petra Development and Tourism Regional Authority. Located in Petra, Jordan, this conference will discuss strategies, best practices, and future of tourism in the golden triangle region as well as in Jordan among various stakeholders from the country as well as international tourism specialists.

“As aptly themed – Future of Tourism in the Golden Triangle, Jordan, the two-day conference is a celebration of past accomplishments along with a targeted vision towards the future. The conference provides a forum to exchange ideas, discuss best practices, engage in expert dialogues, and identify a roadmap for the future with a priority on tourism destination competitiveness and sustainability.”

This conference will feature a series of experienced speakers such as the chairman from the UN World Tourism Organization, the EVP of Guest Experience and Product Development at Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd, the former Secretary-General from the UN World Tourism Organization and many more. Some of the sessions will be moderated by EFTI’s Drs. Brijesh Thapa and Lori Pennington-Gray. One of EFTI’s newest Advisory Board members, Chris Thompson- CEO of Brand USA, will also be a panelist on one of the sessions covering destination competitiveness.

“The future of tourism in [Jordan] presents new prospects to further leverage and cultivate demand in existing, regional, and emerging international markets, as global tourism and mobility has demonstrated significant growth. While future growth is predicted, tourism will be dependent on several aspects such as, transportation accessibility and connectivity, investment in hard and soft infrastructure, regulatory reforms, new product development, integrated marketing, and safety of visitors.”