Tourism, Hospitality, and event management students visit Disney’s yellow shoes creative agency

February 22, 2019


The Department of Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management was invited to take part in a networking opportunity and site visit of the Yellow Shoes Creative Group, the in-house ad agency for the Walt Disney World Company in Celebration, Florida. This award winning agency houses a wide range of writers, artists, and creatives who are campaign designers for all of Walt Disney World Companies brands (i.e. Disney Parks, Resorts, Disney Cruise Lines, etc.)

During the site visit, students were greeted by the team as well as Matthew Ryan and Kelli Kaufmann (both University of Florida alums) who helped orchestrate the visit. The students and faculty were welcomed to a seminar and question and answer session with a variety of Yellow Shoes creatives where they showed some of their most recent published work. A lot of the talk was geared toward career growth and how students can make it in the creative production industry as well as some of the day to day experiences that each of them face.

This was a great experience for some of our undergraduate and graduate students to go and network in the industry with some of the most cutting-edge content creators. The Walt Disney Co. is the industry leader and it was great to gain some knowledge from the creative minds behind the magic!

Taylor Kopka, Undergrad TRSM student says, “This trip was incredibly insightful and I really was taken back to see where Disney’s innovative content is coming from. The team at Yellow Shoes is among the best out there and it truly shows in the work that they put out. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and hope that this is something other students will be able to experience.”