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The Sports Tourism group studies trend analysis as well as behaviors of tourists in the realm of sports tourism, from local youth sports to professional athletics to the Olympic circuit. Dr. H. Gibson current and former doctoral students: Mona Mirehie, Heather Bell, Richard Buning make up the group and have been interested in the trends of mega events in the world and their effects on the surrounding community.

What We do

  • Study trends and behaviors of tourists who travel to participate in sport, watch or visit sport museums and halls of fame.

  • Evaluate the economic and social impacts of sport events from small-scale and the work of local sports commissions to mega-events such as the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games

  • Understand the health and well being contributions of participating in cycling events, Senior Games, and snow sports.

  • Understand the role of youth sport in modern family life, including travel and costs.

  • Understanding women’s experiences in sport tourism both benefits and constraints. 

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