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The University of Florida’s Department of Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management has world-class programs and an internationally renowned, diverse faculty. It is home to more than 750 students from over 25 countries. The University of Florida campus is located “where nature and culture meet” – in the city of Gainesville, which has been repeatedly named one of the top places to live in the U.S. The state of Florida has a dynamic hospitality and tourism industry which receives more than 100 million of visitors annually. It is a great place to live, study and make lifelong friends, professional connections and research collaborations.

What we Do

  • Study social media content, map and analyze customer locations, and recognize patterns in data to answer business, social, and policy-related questions.

  • Work on the projects from the Army Corps of Engineers, Florida Department of Transportation, and the UF Historic St. Augustine organization.

  • Closely collaborate with international researchers.

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